ABC Front Opening-133

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Pocketed Mastectomy Bras are a wonderful creation for women post breast surgery, however ABC have a philosophy that after breast surgery clients should never wear their grandmothers Bras.

This is why the ABC designers go to great lengths to ensure that there is a bra for every situation and fit the bra needs of women after breast surgery.

there is a vast ranger of styles, colours, and sizes to choose from and all ABC bras are modeled on breast cancer survivors.

  • 12A 12A
  • 12C 12C
  • 12D 12D
  • 14A 14A
  • 14B 14B
  • 14C 14C
  • 14D 14D
  • 16A 16A
  • 16B 16B
  • 16C 16C
  • 16D 16D
  • 18A 18A
  • 18B 18B
  • 18C 18C
  • 18D 18D
  • 20A 20A
  • 20B 20B
  • 20C 20C
  • 20D 20D
  • 22B 22B
  • 22C 22C
  • 22D 22D
  • 24C 24C
  • 24D 24D
  • Black Black
  • Nude Nude
  • White White
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The Rose Contour has a front closure and a t-back design.

This provides a comfortable fit, distributing the weight across the shoulders and back.


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