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The Brave Hen will donate a gold coin for every bra sold
online & in-store on your behalf to the McGrath Foundation.

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Welcome to the Hen House

The brave hen is a family-owned business where the company’s main aim is to provide products for women all around the world with high quality care and educating the importance of breast care. Trust the comfort of our products and feel like yourself, we supply external breast prosthesis, pocketed garments and much more.

Opening in the wide bay, allows us the chance to connect with the community and understand their needs.

We value your enquiries, whether it’s about new stock or advice or wanting to unruffle your feathers, visit the Brave Hen in-store or online and taste the positive experience, we aim for all women to feel empowered and supported from the beginning.

You may be eligible to Claim for the Medicare External Breast Prothesis Reimbursement Program. 

Meet Our Team

Mother Mel and daughter Jade are committed to developing a resourceful service and are passionate about self-love and dignity and what that means for different women. We are proud to work with wonderful organizations with creative developers who design aesthetically pleasing and comfortable products. At The Brave Hen, we encourage women to not only accept, but to celebrate themselves; their bodies and their minds.

Mel is a Certified Fit Specialist of 5 years with a vast understanding of high quality, hassle-free products to suit all body shapes and sizes. Mel and her husband Jeff have 4 beautiful children; with the love and bond they have, they can achieve anything. Mel and Jeff moved to Hervey Bay at the end of 2020 and discovered a gap in the market for high quality mastectomy clothing suppliers and fitters in the Wide Bay region.

Jade has completed a Certificate 3 in Aged Care and Disability, and is currently training to become a Certified Bra and Prosthetic Fitter. Jade is also currently studying Remedial Therapy to further expand her knowledge in health and wellbeing. During Jade’s studies, she discovered her love of caring for the elderly and enriching their lives. With Jade’s wide variety of Health Care knowledge, she will bring a host of wonderful qualities to The Brave Hen community.

Together our goal is to support and nurture women’s confidence and encourage all of our Hen’s to live an active and fulfilling life after breast cancer.

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