Ameona -Balance Natura Thin Oval- 227


Balance partial shapers (sometimes called bra inserts) create a flawless silhouette, whether you’ve always been naturally uneven, or have had a lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery and need a little help filling the cup of your bra. Amoena partial shapers can be worn in the an Amoena pocketed bra, or directly against the skin.

The new Balance Natura partial shapers feature super soft silicone and Comfort+, our patented temperature equalizing material, to help keep you cool.

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Balance Natura Thin Oval, a silicone partial breast shaper in an oval or teardrop shape, is redesigned to fit more closely to the body.
Comfort+ temperature equalizing technology absorbs, stores and releases body heat to maintain an optimal temperature against your skin.
The Thin thickness adds just enough shape to give you a flawless silhouette.
Oval shell in soft silicone is perfect for use following lumpectomy or breast reconstruction


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