ANITA Lymph o Fit-Compression Hand Sleeve

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  • Lymphatic relief arm sleeve or arm sleeves:
    Indication: For mild lymphoedema in the arm, following a transplant of lymph nodes, arm lifts or liposuction and shoulder surgery as well as for prevention after all breast surgeries.
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Lymphatic relief with Lymph O Fit™

“Lymph O Fit™” is a special material for lymphatic relief. In particular, it is characterised by the dot structure on the inside. This texture has a massaging and draining effect on the subcutis and its smaller lymphatic vessels. This activates and improves lymphatic drainage and supports scar regression.

Good moisture wicking and breathability ensure pleasant comfort and conditions for the skin. The material is indicated for lymphatic disease treatments, as it applies gentle compression to lymph vessels and skin. It is used for the reduction of lymphoedema in the breast, for haematoma, fibrosis, after arm lifts, liposuction and transplants of lymph nodes, as well as for mild lymphoedema in the legs or groin.

A more rigid material was developed for plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, leg lifts and reconstruction of the breast from abdominal  tissue. It is less stretchy and offers a higher compression rate. The 3D dot texture on the inside is less pronounced but still has a massaging effect on the skin.


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