Amanda Underwired Bra

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Part of our core collection, the Amanda underwired bra features 3-part cut and sewn cups and soft side bones to ensure a supportive fit all the way around, even in fuller sizes.

Lace in combination with elegant jacquard fabric give you a modern style, and comfort straps feel soft and won’t dig in.

  • White White
  • 12A 12A
  • 12B 12B
  • 12C 12C
  • 12D 12D
  • 12DD 12DD
  • 12DDD 12DDD
  • 14A 14A
  • 14B 14B
  • 14C 14C
  • 14D 14D
  • 14DDD 14DDD
  • 14G 14G
  • 16A 16A
  • 16B 16B
  • 16C 16C
  • 16D 16D
  • 16DD 16DD
  • 16DDD 16DDD
  • 16G 16G
  • 18A 18A
  • 18B 18B
  • 18C 18C
  • 18D 18D
  • 18DD 18DD
  • 18DDD 18DDD
  • 18G 18G
  • 20A 20A
  • 20B 20B
  • 20C 20C
  • 20D 20D
  • 20DD 20DD
  • 20DDD 20DDD
  • 20G 20G
  • 22A 22A
  • 22B 22B
  • 22C 22C
  • 22D 22D
  • 22DDD 22DDD
  • 22G 22G
  • 24A 24A
  • 24B 24B
  • 24C 24C
  • 24D 24D
  • 24DDD 24DDD
  • 24G 24G
  • 26A 26A
  • 26B 26B
  • 26C 26C
  • 26D 26D
  • 26DD 26DD
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Amanda underwired bra features 3-part cut and sewn cups to ensure additional support all the way up to a G cup

Beautiful elastic lace combined with elegan jacquard fabric

Soft underwire and soft side bones ensure comfortable support all the way around

Integrated cup pockets hold a breast form or shaper securely in place

Comfortable, adjustable elastic bra straps


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