Short Kaftan-Dress/Top V-Neck

$59.95 incl. GST

This Kaftan has been designed to be worn as a comfortable short Kaftan over pants or tights, a dress on its own or over swimmers.

With an extensive number of beautifully positioned crystals across the neckline, chest & back adding a layer of glam, style & sparkle to your outfit.

For those who like to stand-out & stand proud.

Lightweight draped design

One Size: fits 8 to 22

Length: 84cm / 33in


Embellished with Crystals front & back

  • One Size One Size
  • Heart of Coral Heart of Coral
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Care: Hand Wash / Delicate Machine Wash

NOTE: Due to different lighting conditions & varying resolutions on clientele computer screens & mobile phones, the colour in fashion images depicting location photography, may vary slightly.


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